Tightrope act

Abstract painting with ash, coal, rock powder & pigments with incisions

Image information “tightrope act”

title Tightrope act
Dimensions 130x80x6cm
technology Abstract painting with pigments, rock powder, ash & coal
Image carrier wood
year 2020
Selling price € 4,200.00
status available
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About the work

The work “Drahtseilakt” is an informal painting in mixed media. That means that the material is in the foreground. The forms dissolve, or the language of forms does not correspond to any learned pattern (such as a triangle, square, etc.). The painting was created on a heavy wooden body that was built especially for me. It is based on dark layers of color made of ash and soot, which are then successively overlaid with other layers of color pigment and rock powder, sometimes brought out again through incisions and décollage.
The work is framed in a narrow (yet wide) black metal frame that was made by a blacksmith to fit perfectly.

The art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill has explained the work in mixed media in more detail in an article.
Abstract painting with pigments and rock powder in mixed media (mixed media)

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