Acrylic painting, mixed media, collages Artistic portfolio

Large-format abstract paintings on canvas, made with highly pigmented acrylic paints.
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Informal art with pigments, rock flour, ash, coal, coffee, sand, wax and other structuring materials.
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I make my collages from fine china paper that I color myself. The papers are glued on top of each other in layers and arranged to form an abstract image.
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For the colour-explosive watercolors I use the finest Chinese paper and highly pigmented inks. All works are covered with a high-gloss layer of resin.
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Visualize my paintings in your home Augmented Reality for art – without an app

  • About 25 large paintings are animated.
  • Gain certainty as to whether your favorite work of art suits you and your facility.
  • Visualization on your own wall is possible with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Very easy – without an app!

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About my art

Dear visitors to my site interested in art, how nice that you found me on the internet. I am a contemporary artist and mainly deal with abstract painting and modern art.

My studio is located in the industrial area in Graefelfing in the west of Munich. You are welcome to visit me there by making an appointment without obligation to take a look at my work, or you can just drop by at the designated opening times .

If you would like to learn more about me, my painting techniques, inspiration and approach to art, then I recommend you watch the short video film, because it gives a good first glimpse into my artistic work.

In my CV I describe my artistic career so far, how I locate myself in the art world and why I use the term “modern art” very loosely.

You can find out more about modern art, abstract art, contemporary art, classical modern art and collages in the art wiki .

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