New explanatory videos

6 new videos in the “Art explained” section

Six new videos are available to explain my paintings in more detail. These include a total of four that deal with the new works in mixed media and two more about abstract collages with China paper.

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New and worth reading in the “Art Wiki”

The art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill has elaborated on the significance of the color “green” in art, as well as the series of green paintings in mixed media in a very readable short essay:
About the series of works “Bearer of hope”

View my paintings in your home with augmented reality!

Does your favorite painting fit on your wall?

Try out via smartphone or tablet if my art fits into your room at home! It’s so easy with the new IAZZU app. The APP offers an Augmented Reality feature (Live AR) , as well as the ability to view my paintings for sale on various demo-walls (surfaces). This is fun and brings more certainty as to whether the favored artwork could really look good on your own wall. Get the free IAZZU app and see for yourself!

More info about the terrific IAZZU app
Download the IAZZU app to your smartphone right here

Download the free IAZZU app and experience my art on your wall at home!

Exhibition preview

Solo exhibition

September / October 2024

FROCK Gallery
Rijselstraat 26, 8900 Ieper, Belgium

I have been represented by the FROCK Gallery in Belgium since 2022. In November / December 2022, a joint exhibition entitled “Women working” took place with two other female artists. My works will now be shown in a solo exhibition in September / October 2022. I’m already looking forward to it!
Some of my works can be purchased exclusively through the gallery’s webshop.
To the store

Gallery owner Matt Frock in my studio to pick up paintings for Belgium.

News from the studio

New works of art

These works are brand new. Please take a look.
All works of art can be seen in the respective picture galleries acrylic painting , gems – art with resin , mixed media or collages , depending on the technique.

Catalogue Glamour Gems

Acrylic painting catalogue

abstract acrylic painting with neon

Painting during lockdowns

Corona has influenced each of us. For me it has led to a “painting against the sadness”. I was really addicted to bright colors and large formats. The resulting works on canvas in acrylic, as well as the new series of masterpieces, I have each summarized in a catalogue, which can be ordered from me via email, I will then send them to you.
Cost per catalogue: €10.00 plus €1.60 shipping costs.

Order catalog

Painting courses in the studio and at art academies

Course “Layering – with rust, pigments and lots of wax” at Kunstfabrik Wien

4-day course (Thursday – Sunday)
04.07. – 07.07.2024

Interested? I am happy about your participation. More information about the course under the heading “Courses” on my website. Registration is only possible via Kunstfabrik Wien

Course “Archaic! Painting with rock flours, earth pigments & ash” at the AdbK Kolbermoor

5-day course (Monday – Friday)
15.07. – 19.07.2024

Interested? I am happy about your participation. More information about the course can be found under the heading “Courses” on my website. Registration is only possible via the AdbK Kolbermoor.

Course “Let there be light” – Bright light painting with acrylic paint & pigments” at the Academy of Fine Arts Kolbermoor

4-day course
Mon 04.11. – Thu. 07.11.2024

Interested? I am happy about your participation. More info about the course under the heading “Courses” on my site or directly in the course program of AdbK Kolbermoor. Registration takes place exclusively via the Academy in Kolbermoor

Atelier opening times

Come by uncomplicated and without obligation!

Studio visits are possible at any time. I am happy about your interest. Just call or email and make an appointment.

I will gladly deliver the artwork to your home in the Munich area, also a picture trial hanging is possible to be really sure about a picture decision.
I can send my works nationally and internationally. Read more about the shipping conditions here.

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