Abstract collages made with chinapaper

Fascination of depth in paintings

I usually make all collages from very fine china paper, which I color and paint myself with a wide variety of colors. After it has dried, I tear out the parts of the paper that I particularly like and rearrange them on the wooden carrier or canvas. The structure of the paper is very fine and thin and permeable. This means that even when the paper is pasted over, the colour below still shines through. This creates a great spatial depth that captivates me again and again. Collaging is a very loving process, because I keep touching the painting by smoothing out the respective paper – or, to put it better, “smoothing it out”. I finally cover some of the collages with a fine layer of wax, which acts like a soft focus on the artwork and invites you to touch the painting. This creates a complex, deep and coherent aesthetic overall work in an elaborate process.

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Gallery of the abstract collages