Abstract watercolors with ink & resin Glamour Gems

Color-intensive & luminous eye-catchers

abstrakte aquarelle mit tusche und resin auf papier

High gloss abstract ink watercolors as paintings and wall objects

I love the watery application of paint, because the colors that flow into each other develop structures that have their own random, soft and delicate character that enchants me again and again. That’s why I’ve been coloring fine Chinese paper for years, which is really translucent and thus supports the watery structures that arise when painting with watercolours. For my Glamour Gems, I also use Chinese paper, which I tear into strips and generously color with highly pigmented inks, creating an abstract watercolor. The colors must flow into one another. Sometimes I also print the papers like a monotype. After drying, the individual paper webs are collaged in one piece on the picture carrier – I prefer to use robust wooden bodies. This means that the composition of the picture, just like with a watercolor, has to be right from the “first litter”, i.e. the first time the paper is colored. The work is then poured over with resin (casting resin). In this way, colorful, luminous and high-gloss works of art are created. The combination of colour-intensive ink watercolors with delicate structures, as well as their emphasis with the high-gloss and eye-catching resin, create the excitement of this series of works.
The art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill has written a review About the series of Glamour Gems

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