New worlds

Abstract painting with pigments, rock powder & ash with incisions

Image information “New Worlds”

title New worlds
Dimensions 60x90x7cm
technology Mixed media | Abstract painting with pigments, ashes and rock dust / td>
Image carrier wood
year 2017
Selling price € 2,380.00
status available
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About the work

The work of art “New Worlds” is made from ash, coal, rock powder and pigments on a wooden body that was specially made for the artist. The painting is a classically informal painting, which means that the material used and the unclassified forms are in the foreground and make up the effect of the picture. The work gets additional tension from the injuries and scratches that I have made on the background of the picture. This causes the layers of color that lie beneath the white to break out again. Due to the pigments used, the painting is reminiscent of the archaic cave paintings, from which I am repeatedly inspired.
The heavy wooden body can easily be hung on the wall using two screws / dowels and then rests against the wall.

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