Light idea

Abstract painting with ash & pigments

Image information “light incidence”

title Light idea
Dimensions 100x160x2cm
technology Abstract painting with pigments, coal & rock powder
Image carrier canvas
year 2018
Selling price € 3,640.00
status sold

About the work

The work of art “Licht Einfall” is a classic mixed technique of informal painting on canvas, which means that many different materials such as ash, coal, rock dust and pigments were used for the production, because the material and the dissolved form (i.e. not a known form such as a triangle ) are in the foreground. The bright white was poured onto the picture and carefully distributed on the background of the picture. The underlying ash slightly colors the white and the result is a tense, yet very reduced image composition of light and dark areas. The burgundy red pigment that was used in the background of the picture picks through in some places. The work is framed with a narrow metal floater frame that a Munich blacksmith made especially for the work. The painting can be hung in landscape or portrait format.

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