Into the wild

Abstract painting with neon and acrylic paint in large format

Information – Title: “Into the wild!”

title Into the wild
Dimensions 130x240x2cm
technology Abstract acrylic painting on canvas
Image carrier canvas
year 2022
Selling price € 6,290.00
status available
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About the work

The painting is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas in a very large format (130x240x2cn) in muted and fresh shades of green, with a wide range of rose tones, gray tones and a hint of neon red. Green paintings, as a rule, are reminiscent of nature. This impression is additionally reinforced here in the painting by the organic forms. When you look at it, you are literally drawn into the picture. On the adventure “into the wild”.
If desired, the painting can be framed in a white wooden floater frame.

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