Glamour Gem No. 41

Information – Title: “Glamour Gem No. 41”

title Glamour Gem No. 41
Dimensions 40x40x6cm
technique watercolor with ink on chinapaper layered with resin
Image carrier wood
year 2022
status available
Selling price 1,200.00 €
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About the Glamour Gems

It is not easy to describe the Glamour Gems or to explain what they are exactly. They are actually abstract watercolors made with high pigmented ink on fine, translucent Chinese paper. This paper is collaged in one piece on a wooden body and then covered with a high-gloss layer of resin. This creates a real “eye-catcher”, because on the one hand the highlights fascinate with the sheer explosion of color, on the other hand they captivate with the light, delicate and translucent quality that is so typical of watercolors. Then again, with the works of art that protrude 6cm into the room, one cannot really speak of classic paintings, but rather of abstract wall objects that are designed from all sides.

Art historical consideration on the work series of the Glamour Gems.

The art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill dealt intensively with my Glamour Gems, visited me in the studio, conducted an interview and then wrote a very informative text about the effect and design of the showpieces. Interested?
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