Abstract, very reduced collage made of Chinese paper in large format

Image information “Expedia”

title Expedia
Dimensions 80x200x2cm
technology Abstract collage made from china paper
wood canvas
year 2018
Selling price € 4,200.00
status available
buy online Buy online through Singulart

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About the work

“Expedia” is an abstract collage made of China paper on a canvas treated with black, neon orange and pigments. I color the papers or add drawings to them before they are collaged. Then I tear up the papers again and rearrange them in constantly overlapping layers on the picture carrier. The permanent pasting on the colored background creates a great spatial depth, because the color or the crumbly structure of the pigments can still be seen in traces under the light layers of paper. In the painting shown, the superficial gestural drawings are created on paper and glued on as large pieces. The two smaller drawings are pasted over again with the unprocessed China paper, so that they optically step back behind the large burgundy-red drawing. I christened the picture “Expedia” because for me the informal collage has figurative traits. In the burgundy capsule in the foreground I see a navigator who is steering his vehicle through a rather opaque, nebulous area, looking for something. He (or she) is accompanied by two other units. What exactly is being searched for remains open and is in the eye of the beholder. For me, too, this collage was a challenge and thus in a certain way an “expedition”. Because I’ve been working with reduced images for a long time and wanted to push the reduction in the image as far as possible with this collage in order to limit the work to the essentials and at the same time provide it with great tension. “Expedia” is my largest collage so far in terms of format and at the same time by far the most reduced.

Explanatory video for the collage " Expedia ''

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