Border sprinkler 9

abstract collage from china paper in shades of blue under wax

Image information “Grenzsprenger 9”

title Border sprinkler 9
Dimensions 20x20x3cm
technology abstract collage from china paper under wax
Image carrier wood
year 2020
Selling price € 360.00
status available
buy online Buy online through Singulart

About the work

The artwork in the format 20x20x3cm is a collage from the series of Grenzsprenger, all collages made of paper, which deal with overcoming boundaries and belong to the artist’s personal examination of Corona and the restrictions resulting from it. In the picture, the black lines and the brown wrapping paper act as the boundaries that each individual has to deal with. The blue area is made of China paper, the Gramann is colored in this shade and after drying made of a large
Torn out a piece of paper and collaged it on the picture. The blue takes on the role of the border crosser or border sprinkler. Depending on the picture, this process of overcoming has already been completed or is still being carried out. All pictures are covered with a fine layer of paraffin wax.

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