search for happiness

informal painting with pigments & ashes on wood

Picture information “Search for happiness”

title search for happiness
Dimensions 100x70x5cm
technique Abstract painting in mixed media technique with ash and pigments
carrier Gessoboard
frame in a slim black metal frame
year 2022
status available
Selling price €3,500.00
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About the artwork

The work of art “Searching for Happiness” is a classic mixed media painting made of ash, rock flour, charcoal and pigments on a gessoboard. It is a very powerful informal work, which means that the material used and the unclassified forms are in the foreground and make up the pictorial impact. The title of the work refers to the turquoise color in the work of art, because turquoise always reminds me of the sea and the associated longing for freedom, lightness and contentment. The black lines in the picture stand for possible obstacles that have to be overcome in order to find happiness. The painting is framed in a narrow black metal frame, which underlines the noble effect of the painting. I had the frame specially made for this work by a blacksmith near Munich.
The picture can easily be hung on the wall with two screws / dowels and then lies against the wall.

The art historian Dr. Ingrid Gardill has explained the work in mixed media in more detail in an article.
Abstract painting with pigments and rock powder in mixed media (mixed media)

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