Abstract art object made of coffee, rust, rock flour & ash

Information “Dystopia”

title Dystopia
Dimensions 70x100x4cm
technology Abstract art object / painting with coffee, rock flour, ash & rust
Image carrier wood
year 2018
Selling price € 5,630.00
status available
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“Dystopia” is exhibited in the Summerexhibition 2022 of the Royal Academy of Arts in London

About the work

The painting “Systopia” is an informal painting in mixedmedia technique on wood. Informal means  means that different materials such as used coffeepowder, marble powder, ash, rust and soot  were used for the production, because the material is clearly in the foreground in the composition of the picture. The light white (marble powder) was poured onto the dried coffee. The mix of materials creates so much tension that both the coffee and the marble powder, which is almost reminiscent of the original stone due to the type of application, are created. Rust and ash also add tension to the work of art. The title “Dystopia” reflects to the immediate impression the painting conveys: Like a devastated landscape, burnt earth, a dystopia, maybe caused by climate change .. .

The work is framed with a floater frame made of metal, which a Munich blacksmith made especially for “Shiftwork”.

Explanatory video for the material work " Shiftwork ''

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