Day’s work 28

Abstract collage made of China paper under wax in orange and black tones with incisions

Image information “Tagwerk 28”

title Day's work 28
Dimensions 10x10x3cm
technology Abstract collage from China paper under wax with incisions
Image carrier wood
year 2018
status sold

My minis – the daily work

In my opinion, the paper collages are so special because the constant collaging of the fine china paper makes it possible to achieve a great depth of image. That is, the abstraction becomes three-dimensional, so to speak, because it opens the space to the rear. And this is already possible with the very small formats. For me it’s fascinating again and again.
Why are the minis now called Tagwerke? I want to make it clear that the small pictures also mean a lot of time in production. Because even small formats have to be coherent and require creation, reflection and attention. Hence the name “Tagwerk”.

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