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Information “Ingenuity”.

Title Ingenuity
Dimensions 140x240x4cm
Technique Abstract acrylic painting
Image carrier canvas
Frame white wooden frame
Year 2022
Status Available
Selling price 9.800,00€
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About the work

The painting is an abstract acrylic painting on canvas in large format (140x240x2cm). Dominant are the many gradations of turquoise tones surrounding a multilayered “fabric” of predominantly delicate pastel rose, pink, gray and orange tones. This is overlaid with dark blue-gray gestural lines that break through the fabric Neon pink peeks through again and again. The highly pigmented colors are sometimes applied more densely, sometimes glazed, giving the painting a very great pictorial depth. The pictorial action conveys a tremendous liveliness and pulsating energy. The gestural lines connect the surfaces with each other. Everything seems to be related and to influence each other. The title “Ingenuity” refers to this and to the positive dynamics inherent in the image.
The work is framed in a white wood shadow gap frame.

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You have the option to view the painting directly with me in the studio or you order it free shipping in Germany by email contact or call. I would also be happy to come to your home for a trial hang if you live in the Munich area. Alternatively, you can purchase this painting online via the Singulart platform.
Buy online through Singulart

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