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Abstract painting with acrylic paints

Expressive, lavish & lustful

For me, painting is a sensual, haptic and at the same time aesthetic process. In the studio, every day I am amazed by all the tubes, pots, pigments and paint boxes with their power and interaction with one another. The color can be creamy, pasty or liquid. Dipping the brush in a creamy mass, applying the color to the background of the picture and mixing it with others, appeals to my senses. And, of course, the choice of color depends on emotions. If I go for a shade of red, I’m usually in a different mood than for a picture in shades of blue. Still, it takes time to finish a picture. Again and again it is necessary to pause, think and see what the picture needs in terms of colors, lines and surfaces in the respective process progress, so that the whole structure becomes a coherent work of art.

It is important to me that my pictures leave the viewer room to breathe and that they do not kill anyone with their strength. A topic that affects me personally again and again is “freedom” in all its facets. This is also reflected in my painting: The forms that I paint are usually allowed to be free and dance.

Picture gallery of abstract acrylic painting

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