Painting with pigments

Mixed media painting

Design pictures with material

It was a picture by the great Emil Schumacher in the Pinakothek der Moderne that led me to informal painting (sometime in 2002). Before, I had just strolled through the museum and then I saw this one image of material that hit me in the stomach with all its might.
For my work in mixed media (mixed media / mixed media, because different materials are used) I use ash, sand, pigments, rock flour, wax, paper, coffee, coal and other structure-imparting materials, all of which contribute to the fact that the works of art have a different materiality and Preserve the feel, for example, as pictures in acrylic or oil paint. I apply the paint or the material to the picture very wet. Drying requires waiting and the result of the respective picture is often surprising because the materials used have sometimes reacted very differently to the picture than expected.
I like it best when the pictures are rough and material, when it looks as if all the splendor of material is just sitting loosely on the picture carrier and falling straight down – but of course it doesn’t.

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