Katja Gramann

Artist Portrait of Katja Gramann


Videos of the solo-show "Tapetenwechsel" (change of scenery) that took place in October 2017.

One of my major and really special exhibition projects in the past has been the solo-show "Tapetenwechsel" ("change of scenery"), that took place in an old and empty house, ready for destruction. Every room had a different wallpaper, some had flower decor, some had square-decor, and other rooms just had colorful walls. There was no electricity or water in the house, which meant for me a huge effort to prepare the building to become an extraordinary place for an exhibition. Here two films, obe is about the project, the other is of the vernissage.


Teaser of the project "Tapentenwechsel"
(change of scenery).


Vernissage of the Exhibition "Tapetenwechsel"
(change of scenery).