Katja Gramann

Living with Art

Having art in your own home makes you happy!

Paintings are always “eye-catchers” and enhance the atmosphere that you want to create in each particular room of your home. At best, works of art that you live with day to day grow so close to the heart that they become lifelong companions.

I've found that many people long to buy and hang an original work of art in their home, but don’t trust themselves to give it a try. They hesitate, unsure of what suits their taste, or how large a painting should be so that it looks right in their own four walls. At shows, I've often heard: “Here, (in the exhibition space), this picture looks fantastic, but in my house, there’s just not enough space for such a big painting!” On the contrary, the following applies: Even in small spaces, large images have a more impactful effect. Interior designers often recommend setting large tiles to achieve a more spacious spatial impression, especially in places like small corridors. Large scale paintings work the same way.

Of course, every image needs the right place; even the most beautiful painting loses its effect in the wrong setting. That's why I invite anyone interested in my art to visit me in my studio in Gräfelfing, to experience my paintings directly, and take home a work that speaks to them, for a trial run - or trail “hanging” in their home - entirely without obligation! I don’t want my pictures to hang in the wrong place, or for a buyer to be unhappy with a purchase.

Some of my customers have kindly taken photos of my paintings that they have hung in various rooms of their homes, to show others an impression of how they staged them.


München, Altbaureihenhaus, Titel: "Leuchtwerk II", Maße 120x160x2cm.
Hamburg Binnenalster, Reihenhausvilla, Titel "Hinaus ins Grüne", Maße: 120x160x4cm.
Hamburg Binnenalster, terraced row villa, title "Hinaus ins Grüne" (out in the greens)
Gräfelfing (Germany), familiy home, Title: "Die Versuchung" ("Temptation"), 39"x31".title
Freiburg (Germany), familiy home, title : "Weltenbummler" ( "Globetrotter"), 47" x 63".
St. Maixent L'Ecole (France), family home, title : "Die Ordnung aller Dinge" (The natural order of all things"), 39" x 79".
Gräfelfing (Germany), title : "Pandora Reloaded III", 39" x 47".
Oberhaching (Germany), family home, title: "Farbe, Form, Struktur I", (Color, Form, Structure I"), 39" x 47"
London (England), flat, title: "Weissheiten" ("wisedom"), 39" x 39".
Gräfelfing (Germany), family home, title: "Erdverbunden II" ("Earthbound II), 31" x  51".
Stockdorf (Germany), flat, tile: "Ruhezeit" ("resting time"), 31" x  51"
Gräfelfing (Germany), family home, title: "Eisbewegt" ("Icemoved"), 39" x  47".
Gräfelfing (Germany), family home, title: "Pandora Reloaded II",  27" x 39"
Gräfelfing (Germany), semi-detached house, title: "Geborgen I & II" (" Being Secure I & II"), 2x (20" x 27") Being
Basel (Switzerland), family home, title: "Aufwind" ("up wind"), 39" x  55".
Gräfelfing (Germany), family home, title: "Gipfelstürmer" ("summiteer"), 47" x 62".